Friday, February 26, 2010

#64 More new readers to my prison blogs

More new readers to the prison blogs

I wanted to do some more retro blogs today, maybe not to try to over do it, but to at least put some more out there for you to read. Before I get there, I wanted to say hello to some new readers, some from different prison support sites.

I checked my email this morning (although it is near noon now) and found a couple of new people who have been checking out my blogs. This is a step in the right direction, because for me to get to where I want to be, I need people to interact. I can’t expect anybody to interact until I share some blogs, which is the main reason why I share some my older blogs, or “retro” if you will. I think once I get enough up here, I won’t share as much, because I want to write more new ones based on what the reader needs to hear.

But for that to happen, I need readers to let me know they are out there. Its like I said before, 99 people might read my blog, but the 100th one might be the one to get the courage to email me. That same person might ask a question that the other 99 NEED to hear, but was afraid to ask.

So now I have a few new readers, and slowly, ever so slowly, I am getting some interaction. This is good, because instead of me thinking of a subject to blog about, I can directly answer questions that people ask, or talk about issues that concern them.

For example, the person today told me that she has two loved ones in prison, which I can imagine is pretty tough. Lots of people on prison support sites are stressed over ONE person, try two or more. And for a lot of people, there is a loss of control, especially when you are talking about a mother. Mothers feel that with a son or daughter in prison, they have no control or influence in their life. While that might SEEM true, there are things a mother can do. We can talk about that another time, but you see my point.

But what I am going to do today, since it is Friday, is share a couple of retro blogs, and I will do something extra on my blogspot prison blog. I told you guys about a short story called “Defending Job”, that is forthcoming, but while looking through some of my older blogs, I ran across another one I wrote a year or two ago.

The story is titled, “Where does hope lie for ex felons”, and I am only sharing that on the blogspot blogs. I have noticed that over the times I blog, my best support comes from people who find me there, so I made that my anchor blog, where every blog I put up is posted there. The story is about 17 pages long, and is about the difficulties of an ex felon trying to get his life back on track…and what happens when things don’t quite go so well.

If you get a chance to read it, I assure you, some parts are VERY real, some are fiction; if you know my writing and have followed my posts for a few years, you can kinda figure out which is which. I intentionally wrote it to touch a heart or two, when I shared it a few years ago I got a few people that told me it had them crying, but not in the sense of complete defeat or failure. If you can, take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Until then…

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