Friday, February 5, 2010

#3 What to expect in my prison blog

What to expect in this prison blog

Today I checked my mail and saw something that was pretty exciting, yet at the same time depressing. I got a postcard from my college about an alumni reunion coming up in late April of this year. They have it every year, and it always reminds me of the best days I ever had.

As a graduate with a B.S. in Radio and Television, I can say that those four years I spent were clearly the best in my life. So much fun, so many challenges, so many people I met and made friends with. It would be so cool to be able to go back and catch up with old friends.

But there is no way I can go.

As an ex felon, life has turned into a continual hell, and part of that is the extremes of living day to day. There is no way I can afford to go there, even if it was in the next town, I could not go. I just don’t have the resources to do it, so after I read the postcard, I put it on my bedroom table. Life goes on.

So today, with it raining outside, I decided to start talking about what you can expect in my prison blog. I actually plan on talking about a number of things, and have numerous things to draw on.

I have my experience in doing time, as well as over 5000 pages of written material. If you have heard of my name before, or remember me from any prison sites, then you know some of my material, much of which I will share here for new readers.

But I am always open to questions from people who are looking for ways to cope with a loved one in prison. This is not for the curious, because often times those people are too busy judging rather than listening or understanding. That is important for you to understand because I won’t answer any emails from any person who comes to troll on my blog, and any such comments will be deleted immediately.

That might sound a little selfish, but trust me folks, I have been writing on prison issues off and on for about 8 years, I know what I am talking about. True, there are many people out there looking for answers, looking for ways to cope, but there are many that are just out there to cause trouble on a site because it is easy to hide behind a monitor and say stuff anonymously. I saw a lot of cowards spit on my blogs that way.

What you can expect on my blogs is for me to be very honest about how I feel, and how I felt while in prison. Don’t get this confused folks, just because I have been out for several years does NOT mean things have gotten better. Am I saying I was better off in prison, lets not be foolish.

I am going to talk about how I felt while in prison, how I feel having been out of prison, and many other things that go through the mind of an ex felon. Its funny, today in the mail I was reminded of the four best years of my life, but here I am blogging about the worst years of my life.

But when I did my blogging a few years ago, I found there were numerous people who needed someplace to turn, with somebody that actually LIVED the prison life, not somebody who knew somebody. They needed somebody they could email and ask a question about their son, their boyfriend or husband. I answer my emails, except for those that are insincere, and I have answered a great number since I started blogging. It is my hope that I can attract people who can trust me enough to ask questions, so I can help them.

On my blogs you are going to get some of my older blogs, which I call retro blogs. These are a few thousand of my past blogs, that I have shared at one time or another either on a blogsite or on prison support site. Every now and then I will drop one here, and you’ll know it when I call it a “retro blog”.

You may also expect me to do some creative writing, as I have done before, with prison issues attached. If you remember any of my older blogs, I often wrote a short story with a prison theme for occasions like Mother’s Day, Christmas and even Election Day. Things like that allow me to tie in a subject through the mind of an ex felon, so you can get some idea what some people may be going through.

I will also blog on current situations like my life, and other events. As it stands, the big event is of course the Super Bowl, which has my hometown in it, the New Orleans Saints. So obviously I am rooting for them, but I also like Peyton Manning and the Colts very much. To me, I can’t lose this Sunday.

Notice what I just said…I can’t LOSE. The common person would disagree because naturally if one team wins, someone MUST lose. That’s the wrong way to look at it. Often times we look at a lesser scenario, when we can look at a positive one. Much like the “glass half empty or half full” mentality. This is the same kinda of mentality I try to put in my blogs, one of being upbeat, but understand, I am still human, and I get disappointed in many ways too, just like you.

So I hope you are comfortable with that, if not, I don’t suggest you read anymore, if you are interested, stay tuned for my blogs, or email me and talk to me. Until then….

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