Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#1 Introduction


This is my first blog entry here on prison issues. I am going to keep it very short for now, but there is much to talk about. In short, I am Nolaw, and I have been blogging on prison issues for several years. Many readers might have seen my blogs or posts on numerous sites on prison issues.

This blog will be about prison, but not to glorify it, merely to talk to you about the difficulties of life, and also how you might be able to endure it. I speak as a person that has been through the prison system, and has been out for years. Many of you think that just being out of prison is success… but there is far more difficulties than just getting out.

Before you continue to read my blogs in the future, there are some things you need to understand. First, if you are here to condemn, stop reading. One of the greatest mistakes we as humans make is some foolish assumption that every inmate in prison or jail is a menace to society. I will agree there are many that need to be where they are, locked up, but not every person that is in prison is a lost cause.

If you are one of those that are too stuck up to understand that, and too busy condemning people, stop reading my blog…you won’t get anything out of it, and it isn’t for you anyway.

Second, this is for those with loved ones in prison, and even for those in fear of going to prison. I speak as a person that has been there. I speak as one who understands the extremes of condemnation. I speak as a person who graduated from college, but also one who has done time in several prisons. I have seen both sides and I hope I can communicate with some form of intelligence, but also with straight honesty. I will not hold any punches about how I feel about certain situations. After all, that is what a blog is about.

So as the days go on, I will share much more about prison, for now, it is enough to just create a starting point. I am currently blogging on three sites; Blogspot, Xanga and Wordpress, in an attempt to create readership and to ultimately get support to do more works. I will speak more on that later. For now, this is my first blog here.

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