Saturday, February 13, 2010

#25 Help, my son is in prison (retro)

Son in prison, help me!

So you have a son in prison….so what are you really looking for?

You didn’t come to my site to waste my time, so why are you here?

See, that sounds harsh, but it has to be. If you are new to my blogs, you don’t know where I’ve been, and what I am really about…or maybe what I used to be about. But my question to any reader here with a son in prison has to sound bitter. Not just that it is a reflection of how I feel, but a deeper question to what you are REALLY looking for.

Lots of people in these situations are actually not looking for help, they are looking for sympathy. They go to some of those prison support sites looking for other mothers who are broken and stressed so they can feel right at home with the other depressed souls.

Somehow, they REALLY think they are finding solutions by sitting in a mire of other confused people. Get real! So I ask again, why are you here? Nothing I can tell you will solve your problem by the time you finish this blog, mainly because you are probably not in a position to receive it anyway.

That’s a major mistake.

If you have a son or daughter in prison, the idea that the “answer” will be there in one nice package will leave you very disappointed. If you are looking for just comfort and knowing that others are suffering like you, leave my site and go chat with other sad-sack mothers who want to feel depressed.

Go on, leave!

But if you are here because you need to find a way to cope with a loved one in prison, if you truly, truly believe that there can be a way out of this, or a way through this, then my cell doors are open. I am not forcing anybody to read my blogs, but if you stay, you have to accept my terms and my feelings. If you really want to understand what an ex inmate has gone through, and try to understand how to give your son (and you) a fighting chance to get through this, then by all means, make yourself at home.

Come in, and read some of my older blogs. It will give you an idea of who you are dealing with, and it will help you understand some of what it is going to take to get through this. It’s on you, your choice. When you’re ready, we can talk.

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