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#15 Wishes from the condemned (RETRO)

Wishes from the condemned

Just thought of doing some random thinking, so if you don’t mind let me kinda spit some thoughts out. Oh, as always, email me at derf4000 (at) embarqmail (dot) com to ask how you can support my writing…it’s important to me.

Wishes from an ex felon

I wish I could get people to understand how difficult the life of an ex felon is, living in the hypocrisy of the “free”. So few understand (or care) that an inmate does not finish his sentence when he leaves prison. For many, it is forever, even in a free world.

But I also wish people can realize that even with those difficulties, there is still hope that anyone can turn their lives around and lead not only a productive life, but a prosperous one.

I wish I could get through to that mother who is worried sick about her son being in prison, worried about whether he’s gonna get raped or stabbed. Most people create a fear that, in many cases, isn’t there.

I wish I could get that wife to support her husband by having a bit of faith that he can get through this, and to stop losing sleep because her husband is in prison.

I wish I could get some of those “girlfriends” on Prison Talk to stop making stupid posts about “how long is your man” and “would you have sex with your man in his cell”. Those are some of the most stupid and brainless comments that a so called prison support site seems to breed like roaches.

I wish I could tell that sincere girlfriend to hang in there when she tells me she is worried that her boyfriend is in prison and she has no idea how to understand what he is going through. That’s kinda why I blog, to try to help out.

I wish I could get back to writing my 4th “Grades of Honor” book, but I needed more people to support the previous three before I could really get into the fourth.

I wish I could get people to purchase my books, cards and encouragement certificates because they help me dedicate more to this prison writing. I’d hate to think that bagging groceries is more profitable than helping thousands of people cope with a loved one in prison.

I wish there were more people to write about their experiences in prison than self-righteous moderators who claim their expertise without so much as one day in prison except on a visit.

I wish society would back up their mouths with their hearts and give an ex felon a chance without disqualifying him based off his past…I thought a freed man had served his debt to society. Why then is there still punishment?

I wish people would stop emailing me about legal questions, KNOWING I am not a lawyer. Millions of sites online that you can go to and ask legal questions, why do you think I know anything about law…because I went to prison???

I wish people would stop trying to sucker me to help them by giving me a false lure. “I am really interested in buying your books, I will buy all 3 of them. I just have a question about…”

Yeah, right. I answer your question as best I can, and then you duck out the back door, ungrateful for the help you got, and lying about your idea to support the person that helped you.

I wish I could get some of you to believe that miracles can happen, even in prison, because I was blessed enough to get some before I went to prison, during prison and after I got out. I DO believe in God and miracles.

I wish more people take time to sincerely examine their prison relationships. Lots of times a prison relationship goes pretty well, even with bumps in the road. But some people email me about questions they already know the answer to. Some of you fear that your loved one is going to leave you because all the signs are there, but you continue to think he won’t do it. And after he leaves, you wonder why?

Does this mean it is irreversible? No, but what it does mean is that you need to pay attention to the signs, and do what you can so save your relationship if you really care.

I wish I had a Coca-Cola now…(sad)

I wish I had enough support so I can get back to Steve & Berry’s before they close up forever and buy some clothes since they have some great deals on it.

I wish the Oakland Raiders can get their team organized and play like a professional team, rather than the one Monty Burns (Al Davis) runs…

I wish I could write more short stories about prison issues because I found that many people can get into a short story and learn a bit about prison at the same time. I’d like to create a few more like that.

I wish I could offer free encouragement certificates without people whining about whether this is a con or not. I get really frustrated when I try to do something nice, and people are looking the gift horse in the mouth.

I wish there was a way for ex felons to earn some money before they are released from prison, or at least have a CREDIBLE resource to help them get a job. So many inmates are released into the streets, and society expects them to get a job, pay their bills and be perfect…when they cannot even do the same.

I wish I could even write MORE blogs. There is so much more I have yet to say, even after thousands of pages of writing. I have not scratched the surface of what I can share with you.

I wish people understand that just because your loved one steps out of prison, everything WON’T be all right. There is a lot of work to do to reintroduce that ex felon back to society.

I wish people that get in those prison prayer circles would bring their faith with them, even if just a speck. So many people join prayer circles not out of any faith, but complete fear. Fear does NOT work with faith, in fact it counters it.

I wish I had a new computer….

I wish I could finish my second prison blog book, but that is just me being lazy.

I wish I can find more blog sites with active members that will support and interact with my blogs.

I wish for readers to understand that you have to be positive and encouraging when you communicate with your loved ones. You have to understand that he or she is living in a world of negativity. Even if your world is troubled, you have far more venues to fight it.

I wish people would understand how important the grievance procedure CAN be to help your loved one.

I wish people would not believe that they put salt petre in the prison food.

I wish people would stop thinking that every other inmate is out to rape their loved one.

I wish people would believe, if even for a second, that there are innocent people who do time.

I wish I had a Coca-Cola (sad some more)

I wish prison support sites would allow ex felons to sincerely participate, rather than push them out and self-adorn themselves as experts.

I wish people with 30,000 posts on those prison support sites would stop copying and pasting simple sentences like “hi and welcome to the site” or “sorry to hear about your problem, you’ll find a lot of wonderful people here”. That’s just garbage talk to rack up their own numbers.

I wish correctional officers would stop trying to counter posts by ex felons on prison support sites. We all know that many inmates are there for a reason, but let’s not be naïve to think that prisons operate in a completely righteous manner. There’s a lot of crap that they do that nobody talks about.

I wish inmates would appreciate what many people do for them. So many guys in prison get so “me first” oriented that they turn selfish while in prison…and it continues when they get out.

I wish I could have remembered some of the guys I did time with; I would have liked to have kept in touch a little longer with them.

I wish pen pal sites like LostVault and WriteAPrisoner would stop being so damn stuck up about their sites. They want ex felons to join, but the moment they talk about what they are trying to do to get their lives going, they get banned and labeled a “con artist”.

I wish prison support sites would stop kissing the butts of prison books written by people and publishers who have never made a post in their lives, but banning ex felons who have contributed to their site, but can’t get the time of day when it comes to their own books.

I wish there were a couple of millionaires reading my blogs…..

I wish I could understand why I have written so much about prison issues over the last 5+ years yet receive so little financial support.

I wish I could write MORE and be able to help those with no hope to see that there is hope.

I wish that a person who has nowhere to turn about prison issues can find some level of comfort in what I share.

I wish I could do more, I really do.

I wish more readers would support my writing. Then I could DO more.

Anyway, those are just some wishes I have. Gotta go find a Coca-Cola…I can at least make THAT wish come true..

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