Thursday, February 4, 2010

#2 Introduction part 2

Introduction part 2

So today I am putting up my second blog, and backtracking to the first to give you an idea of what to expect on this blog. I am not going to rush on this, because to write what I plan on writing will take some time to get out of my head. But in case you didn’t read the first blog, this is a prison blog.

This is a blog about prison.

But more than that, it covers, in my opinion, the major corners of prison. I am sure there are other points to consider, but when I talk about prison blogging or prison writing, I am talking about four main elements:

1. What life was like in prison. This is actual talk from a person that was in prison, not from somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody. Lots of prison support sites rely on second hand information and use it as absolute fact. That’s not how you learn about prison folks, but I won’t argue that it is better than no info at all. My blogs will be based on what I experienced directly, so I can tell you exactly how I felt, and how I saw it. If you want to know about life in prison, or what your loved one might be doing or feeling in prison, this can give you some idea.

2. Life for those with a loved one in prison: This is where all prison support groups lay their foundation, many rely on people who have no where to turn, so they all come in some great confusion to one place and talk about the problems they have with a loved one in prison. But folks, it should be much deeper than that. The idea of this blog is to touch on your concerns and what you can do to overcome them or solve them. So many times people read or write posts about their problems, and because there are almost nobody on those sites to truly answer them, you have a bunch of people giving theories based on not one second of living behind bars. Sometimes people think they know more than they do, and it leads to a lot of twisted info, and very little support. I hope to change that here.

3. Life after prison. One of the greatest fallacies of the American Justice System is that if a person serves his debt to society, he is then allowed to come back and pick his life back up as an equal citizen. Folks…that is not true at all. Although we like to say that we are a forgiving country, that is far from the truth. We are a society that believes that once you sin, you are forever condemned. This is so very true with ex felons. Society lives behind a double standard about doing your time and serving your debt to society, but then creates an obstacle course of issues to make it nearly impossible for an ex felon to get his life back and prosper. As one who has been out for several years, I have lived some very disappointing situations where my only fault was my past, and was condemned for it. From then to now, this is the hell I live in, but the upswing is that if I am still alive, then there is still a chance for things to change for the better. It is that hope I try to instill as I write, but I will not hold back on sharing my problems, just so you know that life after prison is NOT all rainbows and happy clouds.

4. Prison support sites. In this age of information, prison support sites are supposed to play a major role in helping people with loved ones in prison. I ought to know, I have written for MANY different sites in the last several years. But prison support sites have their problems too, in that some may very well be the blind leading the blind into a ditch, or owners or moderators that want to lord over people by creating their own “business” and glory in being the one in charge. Kinda like people who play church, acting like they are doing something “for the Lord” when deep down, they are doing it for themselves. I hold no punches when I talk about those sites too, especially since I have written for many of them, and know the problems of those sites.

Those four are the foundations of what I blog about, but there is much more I hope to share. There is still much more to share, but I hope to do so later.

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