Monday, June 7, 2010

#225 Obstacles in the road

Obstacles in the road

Well…this really sucks…

Just found out some difficult news, something that really slaps me upside the head in what I have been trying to do. As you guys know, I have been working on my prison books, cards and the like, and looking for support to get myself off the ground and to start earning an revenue in my prison writing.

The way I had to do this is longer than the normal route because of what I blogged about a few months ago. I used to have an account with a local bank, back when I was working for a local Christian radio station. I had earned enough money to have an account there, but after I lost my job to the very guy I hired, I then didn’t have a job.

I kept the money in the bank account, which was under a business account, and tried to hold on to what was in there as long as I could. But because it was a business account, the bank was actually CHARGING me $11 a month (don’t ask why). So slowly my account was bleeding dry, and I only had about $600 or so in there. I tried not to touch it if at all possible, hoping things would turn around and I could get back to putting money in the account, but things just were not working.

Eventually my money dried up, and not only did my account dry up, I actually fell into the NEGATIVES, because the bank continued to charge me $11 per month. So now I actually owed the bank $11, and was in the red. I called and talked to the bank about it, and we managed to resolve the issue, with me just closing out the account, and them voiding my small penalty.

Although that was resolved, what it now meant was I no longer had a venue to do business. With no bank account, I could not cash checks or money orders for my books, or support gifts. But usually when I got some support or an order in, I could have my mom cash it for me. That is usually how it works.

Until today.

I had received a money order and a check, one for my books, the other for support, and I figured now was a good time to cash it, and send the books out. I was feeling pretty good about it, and sorted my works out. I printed my “Grades of Honor” books out, got some cards and encouragement certificates ready, and was planning it all out. I asked mom if she could cash the two, and I would then go to Staples, get the books bound, and send them off ASAP.

That’s when my mom called, telling me they would not cash the money order or check.

My heart sank.

WHY? Why won’t they cash it? We’ve never had a problem before, and mom has an account there, even if I don’t. So I called to ask for an explanation, and was told that they no longer honor third party checks or money orders. Simply put, if I wanted to cash those checks, then I need to have an account there.

So now I am holding money that I can’t touch, nor use.

Mom asked if there was some other way, but I was kinda down, and just asked her to bring them back, and that I would have to send them back to the people that sent it to me. I think she could tell I was really down about it.

The idea to get the books bound and sent were now out, because I needed that money to do it. I went from feeling upbeat and positive to crushed. If I had managed to keep that account open, I would have been able to cash the check and money order, but there just was no way I could have kept it any longer, considering I had no money going in, and losing money to the bank every month.

So now I am at a greater disadvantage than before.

So I unfortunately have to sent the money order and check back to those who sent it to me, because sadly, I can’t do anything with them. Until I can get an account at a bank, I fear now that banks are no longer honoring third party checks or money orders.

I really kinda feel down right now folks…..

There are a few ways to get around this, so I might as well share that with you. One, if you still want to support my blogs or my books, you can either send the check or money order in the name of my mom, (of which I will provide upon ordering), or you can send via cash.

I know that sounds very suspect, but I don’t know any other way to do this. The idea was to try to generate enough money to at least reopen an account, then it would be easier to work from there. I was hoping to save up about $150 to $200 before I reopen an account, then I can feel more confident in those sending me support or orders for my works.

So now I have to return the gift and order, and will probably sulk for awhile…man this sooo sucks…

I apologize for these delays folks, it was not my intention for things to go like this. I was hoping to get off the ground, earn some money to get an account back, then try to do more things for those with loved ones in prison. Hopefully this is a small delay, so I have to try to look ahead and see this getting resolved so I can get back to where I was.

As usual, if you want to support my blogs, or order some of my books, I now ask that you contact me via email so you can decide whether you want to send support or order by money order or check, addressed to my mom, or to send it to me via cash. Until I can get an account back in a bank, it seems I have to go the long way around the block.

I truly do appreciate your support, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll go sulk for awhile…..until then……..

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