Sunday, June 6, 2010

#223 Current list of works (retro)

Current List Of Works


Grades of Honor: Craven Correctional (77pgs)
Grades of Honor: Pasquotank Correctional Pt.1 (97pgs)
Grades of Honor: Pasquotank Correctional Pt2 (107pgs)

Prison Encouragement Certificates

Angel Feather Award
Blessed Hope Award
Certificate of Love I
Certificate of Appreciation I
Certificate of Hope
Certificate of Grand Love
Certificate of Peace
Certificate of Holiday Joy (xmas)
Certificate of Unconditional Love
Certificate of Love II
Certificate of Joy
Certificate of Appreciation II
Certificate of Love III
Gold Encouragement Award
Certificate of Tranquility
Certificate of Remembrance
Certificate of Hope II
Certificate of Holiday Peace (xmas)
Certificate of Hope III
Eternal Hope Award
Hope of the Faithful Award
Certificate of Imani (Kwanzaa)
Certificate of Appreciation II
Merit of Encouragement
Merit of Peace
Certificate of Peace II
Certificate of Peace III
Certificate of Support
In Appreciation
Peace Be Unto You
Rose Encouragement Award
Stratosphere Award
Certificate of Christmas Hope
Christmas Joy Certificate
Christmas Spirit Award
(more being created)


No Two Snowflakes Are The Same
Bringing Life To You With Hope
Broken Wings
Virtues From The Wall
A Special Wish Of Encouragement (1-5)
Encourage For The Incarcerated
Encouragement I and II
In Difficult Times
Simplicity in Faith
Finding Peace
I Love You (from mom)
Hope Card
Incarcerated Or Not, You Are Loved (1-8)
Words of Encouragement
Kwanzaa (1-4)
Love Is Forever
The Path In The Wall
The Rainbow Unseen
Thinking About You And Missing You
Hang In There
We Think The World Of You
From One Who Knows
Celebrating You
Hang In There We Love You
Thought You Could Use A Card Today
Waiting For You To Come Home
Hey Sweetie
Just A Card To Help You Feel Better
Hang In There II
Thinking Of You
Sending You My Pleasant Thoughts
Thinking Of You, Missing You
For Someone I Love
Lessons From Nature (1-5)
A Candle For The Incarcerated
Missing You So Much
A Card Full Of Love
Sending The Best Wishes To You
Warm Wishes To You
It’s About Faith
Two Simple Words For Inmates
There Is Faith In This Card
Be Encouraged Today
Silent Night
The Game And How To Win
Words Of Wisdom
Christmas Cards (1-16)

There are also many other prison issue works written, often included on purchases of my books. There are also several documents on key issues in prison, from canteen to the grievance procedure, as well as a blog book in the works. Email me at derf4000 (at) embarqmail (dot) com for any questions you may have about my works.

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